Who are our community’s invisible children?

Who is the Invisible Child? They are the 20% of our area’s 2 to 18 year old children, the 22,000 who in their passage to becoming an adult will suffer a significant emotional and/or behavioral disorder that will negatively effect their development and handicap their ability to reach their full potential.

Problems such as anxiety, depression, trauma, obsessive compulsive thoughts and actions, hyperactivity, conduct disorders, anti-social aggressive disorders, and many more.  Problems that too often lend to school drop out, delinquency, self injury, suicide risk and isolation from family and friends.

Yet despite the fact that 20% of our children and teens suffer from these emotional and mental health problems, only 1 out of 3 of them are ever connected to the services and treatment that they need.

Why? Because they are invisible to us, invisible to those who could reach out to them, to help them get the help they need, to those who could expand services in our valley to educate teachers, family, relatives, friends and others to recognize these children need help, support and a hand to get that help.

Invisible?  Because they seem like every other child and teen when we look at them.  Their problems, their trauma, their struggle is below the skin, behind their eyes.  Not until they do something, hurt themselves or hurt others, do we see the need to have done something, but instead we say, “I NEVER KNEW.

The Children’s Mental Health Circle of Friend’s Foundation has been dedicated since 1986 to shining a light on our communities Invisible Children, to support and expand services that offer treatment to these children and their families, that educate adults to the signs and symptoms of emotional and behavioral problems in children and teens.

You can help the Foundation in it’s mission “SHINE A LIGHT” on our community’s Invisible Children.