About Us and Our Mission

Children's Circle of Friends Foundation

The Children’s Mental Health Circle of Friends Foundation is a 501-C3 charitable organization established in 1986.

It’s mission is to provide charitable financial support for prevention, education and treatment services for children “at risk” for or handicapped by emotional and/or behavioral disorders.

It started with a $500.00 donation and has relied solely on it’s fundraising events to raise the money it distributes in service grants to local treatment orgnizations.

Since it’s begginning, it has distributed 1.7 million dollars to Valley organizations, to support services to thousands of children in the Mahoning Valley.

It is the only charitable foundation in the Mahoning Valley exclusively dedicated to support programs for children with emotional and severe behavioral disorders.

Since 2010 the Foundation has devoted it’s grant distributions to the ALTA Behavioral Care Group as it is the largest outpatient provider of services to area children and teens, offering multiple prevention, education and treatment programs consistent with the Foundation’s goals.

Recently, the foundation in 2018 began to fund a campaign that through multi-media approaches is designed to raise awareness within our community of the reality of the large number of children with mental health problems who never receive the treatment they need.  Called the Invisible Child campaign, it’s goal is to close the gap between the need and the services received.

The Foundation has no state of national affiliation with other charitable foundations or fundraising organizations.  It is totally dependent on local contributions to sustain it’s mission.  Local Mahoning Valley residents are members of it’s Board of Trustees.  They work on a volunteer basis to expand it’s success in carrying out it’s mission.